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Lab Assistants (Amanuens)

The main task of this group is to assure that the everyday activities are carried out in a well-organised manner.  In addition to the daily activities, the Lab assistant group (amanuens) also contributes by organizing safety courses.

Member of the Lab assistants, 2024 Spring

Hello, Herman here!
I'm a Chemical Engineer and process design student. I’m always up for learning and teaching new things, which are best done with others. So, if you’re stuck on a problem or just want to discuss it, I’m happy to help.

During my free time I’m out in the forest or photographing. I enjoy getting immersed in a new project or idea and can frequently be found laser cutting or 3D-prinitng some random gadget.


Image of Jacob de Fine Licht.

Hi, I’m a student at Mechanical Engineering with Design. I have a broad interest in mechanical construction, electronics, programming, product development and workshops. Since best things are shared, I’m happy to answer any question or just bounce ideas about your projects.

I’m also apart of Vattenhallen Science Centre, where I’m building and repairing interactive exhibitions (kids are violent).


Foto of Nora Lindberg.

Hi! My name is Nora and I’m studying architecture. I’m interested in all parts of the creative process, from concept to the actual building.  I mostly work with model making, but also enjoy wood working and sewing.
We learn best together so just hit me up if you have any questions or want to talk ideas. 


Image of Anton Miolin.

My name is Anton and I study mechanical engineering. I’m always glad to provide some help if you get stuck on anything, whether it is in the design process or when actually building it, X-Lab is meant for people of all proficiencies. In my free time I do some light CAD modeling and woodworking, those being the areas where I’m the most comfortable at X-Lab too.


Photo of Arild Nilsson.

Hi! My name is Arild and I'm currently writing my master thesis in Technical Design. I enjoy carpentry, sewing and computer modelling both in my freetime but also with the goal of making design prototypes. Feel free to ask me anything you might need help with and I'll try to answer to the best of my abilities. You're welcome around to X-lab to say hi or reach me on my email below!


Hi! My name is Simon Thuresson, currently doing my masters in mechanical engineering/industrial design.

I have a passion for product design, prototyping, product realisation and music. Feel free to ask me about anything about CAD/CAM/CAE, design softwares or if you just need som help with our machines and equipment. Or just stop by to show me your favorite band, that's fun too. See you around!


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